Compress & Combine script


I am using UpdateProgressOverlayExtender for quite a while and it is great. Now I have updated my project to version 3.5 and I had to update the extender with the latest version.
It works well, but then I was working is to improve performance in my project, so one thing I was looking into was to combine and compress the scripts. I came across a good and simple solution that combine all of my project scripts stored in WebResource & ScriptResource and gzip them. That includes UpdateProgressOverlayExtender script.
When I do this, I got an error:
dx is not defined
Line 2618
Is this something someone can help me?
the script is there, loaded on the page, I can see if go straight to the URL, I got the script Response correctly, but I don't know why dx is undefined.
Any clues?


ljcorreia wrote Jul 31, 2009 at 5:20 PM

Hi there,

I got it working now...
It was a problem with UpdateProgressOverlay.js Line 190 where there is a comment ("//TODO: Move to common class");

Because I am using my Handler to supress spaces, remove line-brake, etc; it was commenting out everything after that line.

I just remove the comment and it worked like a charm... Thanks Raj for this nice extender.

All the best


wrote Feb 13, 2013 at 8:16 PM